Can I book more than one schedule in a single transaction?

Yes, please add the field schedule filling option by selecting the '+' button. Set the date, time, and field options according to your availability.

Can I cancel my booking?

No, canceling your booking is prohibited. 

Contact for more information or difficulty on booking?

Whatsapp +6281212292977 / Email info@pancoransoccerfield.com

Do I have to register before booking?

Yes, you are required to complete your register.

How to book a field?

Click Book Now located on our web menu bar or contact our Whatsapp number directly from our shortcut button below

If I check locker usage when booking a field, will the fee be billed immediately with the field payment?

No, locker usage payment will be paid by cash to our admin at Pancoran Soccer Field registration desk


How to book field for big event?

Contact us Whatsapp +6281212292977 / Email info@pancoransoccerfield.com


Am I able to bring food and drinks from oustide?

No, bringing food and any form of mineral water is prohibited 

Do I have to re-register before using the field?

Yes, you are required to re-register at the GW Store's registration desk before using the field.

Does PSF provides referees and field photographers?

At this moment we do not provide both services. You are freely to bring along your personal referee and photographer.

Is smoking or vaping available in PSF?

Smoking and vaping is allowed only on smoke/vape free area available in PSF

What kind of grass that we use?

60 mm height high quality fiber grass