About Us

Soccer has turn into the most played and watched sports all across the world with Indonesia contributing as one of the highest populated country on the world to be a nation that have fell in love with soccer ever since. Jakarta, as Indonesia’s capital city holds a soccer magnet for football players and enthusiasts from around the country to try state of the arts soccer fields and stadiums in the city. It became our goal to take part in developing Indonesia’s capital city soccer facilities to orbit talented players and teams for the sake of our country’s soccer achievement worldwide. Pancoran Soccer Field was built as state of the arts soccer hub for footballers, coaches, and sports enthusiast to come as one 'playground' and contribute to Indonesia's soccer under Indonesia's soccer federation, PSSI.

Together with Induk Koperasi TNI Angkatan Udara (INKOPAU), Football Field TNI AU-Pancoran Soccer Field was built as part of our collaboration to create a professional institution with FIFA standard of soccer facility in Jakarta. Our big vision is to be a pioneer in improving the quality of a soccer field in Indonesia that can be played with pride from football lovers in Indonesia.