Our Facilities


State of the arts locker room facilities lays behind doors of PSFs locker room. At every player's locker, there is a hanging rod and hooks to hang jerseys, a drawer above where players can protect valuables, cushioned seat, and an open drawer below for sneaker storages while playing in football cleats on field.

Bench Player

10 seated bench located right behind field lines for front row view for coaches and football players. Planted on the ground with comfortable plastic seats. The bench has also top horizontal protection from heat.

Audience Stands

Whats a football match without support from our loves one? A comfortable family friendly audience stand for supporters away from the sun ray heat. Greatest view to watch directly a match played on Field 1. 

3x3 Basketball Court

A half basketball court of 3x3 players played with one basket ring to bring all the excitement to the game. Feel the heat of a 3 on 3 match with your friends!

Football Store

Coming to our field without bringing any football kit or even football cleats is no big deal anymore. Our football store, GW Apparel Store, sells training jersey kits and shorts, football socks, and even football merchandises. If that's still not enough, create your own team's customized football kit by our sportswear brand, GW Apparel. Our customer service will help you with the kit design and every details. 

Function Room

A general function room with complete luxury facilities from meeting table with the capacity of more than 50 persons equipped with table microphones, protective mica for each table speakers to be secured out of germs, speech podium, air conditioner, and built in projector for important presentations.


Two floors eatery with great food and magnificent view of both football fields. First floor eatery with an integrated kitchen for fresh made food at your service. Second floor reveals magnificent scenery of the citys skyscrapers companied by great food from exclusively our tenants. Grab a quick bite before a match or a full feast meal after a match.


Sometimes your game just doesn't goes as plan and end up getting injured. Don't you worry cause we provide you our best physiotherapy in town. Optimal is our partner in physiotherapy that will get you back in your prime. 


Al-Ikhlas Mosque is located near Field 1's entrance. With air conditioner and prayer mats that is cleaned daily, we provide comfortable to your prayers. Play hard, pray harder!