Protokol Kesehatan di Pancoran Soccer Field

08 April 2021

Health is certainly a priority for the majority of people during the COVID-19 pandemic. Implementing health protocols in areas where people are likely to visit or pass by is a high necessary. Sports areas such as running tracks to soccer fields, include areas that are never deserted by users who want to maintain fitness while fighting all the pandemics that limit activities. So implementing strict health protocols is very necessary in the sports area.

Pancoran Soccer Field, as one of the leading sports facilities in the capital, certainly implements strict health protocols from the entrance to the field. Every visitor at the entrance gate will be asked to do a QR code scan to carry out automatic data collection. Of course this is done as a preventive transmission of COVID-19 due to physical interactions at the registration desk which generally require a certain time duration to fill in data. After conducting a QR code scan, visitors will have their body temperature checked using a thermal gun which is routinely replaced by the battery to get the accuracy of the body temperature check results. Any visitor who shows a body temperature above 37 degrees Celsius will not be allowed to enter for security reasons that have the potential to transmit a fever or even a virus in his body. Visitors who show normal temperatures are allowed to enter the Pancoran Soccer Field area by first washing their hands complete with hand soap provided on an open tap. With all the supporting facilities in Pancoran Soccer Field already conditioned, such as spaced seats, bathrooms that are routinely cleaned with disinfectant at every change of user, and hand sanitizers installed at various angles will certainly make it easier for visitors to be able to apply health protocols.

Adhering to the policies of the DKI Jakarta Government regarding operating hours is also one of the efforts of the Pancoran Soccer Field to comply with health protocols. Since the PPKM has been implemented twice by the DKI Jakarta Government, Pancoran Soccer Field has also contributed by temporarily closing the operations of each field. The limitation on the operational curfew that is currently applied to a maximum of 20.00 WIB has not been ignored in order to contribute significantly to the reduction of the positive number of COVID-19.

Of course all the health protocol efforts are maximized by Pancoran Soccer Field strictly and precisely so that they can still be used even with some forms of restriction.